Radiation Oncology

Julie is speaking a little better today, and able to swallow a little today also.  I am having a big personal, cautious celebration.

One of the more fascinating things in medicine is radiation oncology.    Julie got her second treatment today. Actually she has done this five times in the past.  But today was her second fraction this go around.    She has 8 more fractions to go.  The staff at Teton cancer radiation oncology are outstanding.


Nate and Eric both trained under Julie’s brother Dan Hobbs at ISU, so they treat Julie like a sister and feel privileged to be taking care of her.  Lots of love and compassion there.


2 thoughts on “Radiation Oncology

  1. Brad, it pains me to look at these pictures, but it also comforts me to know these young men so personally. Both of them are awesome men. Nate in the upper left had a brother that died of a brain tumor. He became a radiation therapist because he watched his brother go through similar treatments. I remember him telling the class how he wanted to become a therapist so he could help others. He loved his brother so much. I grew to love him.

    Eric Malcom the other therapist was also one of my students. He is an awesome young man who also has a passion for helping people. It is kind, gentle and loving, They are excellent therapists.

    It touches my heart in in-explainable ways, full of emotion, as I see these pictures. I have seen many like them, but never with a personal family member. I have great feelings in my heart as I know these brethren and their hearts. They are wonderful. I wish I could explain how I feel now. I have faith that the Lord will heal her. If not in this life, I know it will happen so someday.

    Today while we sang the sacrament song we were in a quaint chapel in the Mabolo ward. It was hot, the fans on the ceiling were blowing hot air, the benches were hard and uncomfortable, the tile floor was cold, but the spirit filled my heart as we sang the sacrament hymn and these words echoed through the room, “to us the gift of life was given, through all eternity”. Our eyes swelled with tears. Tammy was by my side. We are thankful because of Jesus Christ we will live through all eternity. This is true. Life is a gift. We will all live again and be resurrected with perfect bodies to live with Him through all eternity. Because He died we will live.

    I want to see Julie running and playing and as I close my eyes I will visualize that happening this evening.


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