Concerns today

Not sure what to  write, I will make brief what is an ocean of thought and feeling.  Julie is not doing well today.  Even though her pneumonia and basilar skull tumor are being adequately treated, overall she is regressing in other ways, which has grave implications.  She is speaking better and breathing at ease, but she has no appetite, she is refusing food and drink.  She has increasing pain and needing more pain medication, she has more confusion today, in part due to medication, and in part do to illness.  This is an ominous cloud.  Her oncology doctor had some kind but frank words for me today.

We have most of our children here this weekend, good timing.  Jordan went back to medical school today, starts 2nd year Monday, missing him already.  I am so glad Julie has these children, I am so glad to be with them.

Thanks to our friends and family, thanks for your kindness, your visits, and your prayers!


Something Julie loves, Fall 2014

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