A Holy Day

2 July 2017

Julie had a more bright expression today,  enjoyed our visits.   She  endured more pain today so that she could be more awake and interact more, it was a very important day for us.   Our family was together for the sacrament that was brought into the hospital room.    I hesitate to say more about it, as it was a holy occasion.

Jonathan and Emily  did a tap dance for Julie.    We sang and prayed together.   By the end of the day Julie was quite exhausted  and uncomfortable, but we have that under control now,  and she is resting peacefully.



3 thoughts on “A Holy Day

  1. Even in times of sadness and testing trials you choose to be an example to us all. I wish I could have witnessed the tap dance. I’m blessed to be a part of a family that trusts in the Lord with all their hearts. Please kiss her for me. When I was young I called her “sport” because she was so small and sporty with me. I could snatch her up in my arms and squeeze her tightly. I see those visions in my mind right now. I thank Heavenly Father for such a wonderful sister. Her legacy is her family. She loves loves loves them and is a wonderful mother to them. I can’t think of a more righteous person than her.


  2. when the Holy Sacrament is administered, it puts everything in perspective for one moment. None of us can know exactly how each member of your family feels right now, though we empathize, but Jesus knows so He can actually share that pain. Praying for your peace.


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