“I Need to Get Up”

At 6 AM this morning I woke to a very clear and calm voice that said, “I need to get up!”

It was not a voice in my head, it was Julie.  That was the start of what has been a much better day.  Julie is getting out of bed and transferring much better back and forth from her bed to chair and walking.  She went for a ride in the wheelchair, and she had 6 oz of chocolate milk for breakfast and 4 bites of cream of wheat.

Julie loves going to Provo to visit her boys

When I was pushing her in the wheelchair this morning she mentioned the people who came to see her yesterday.  I was so surprised that she remembered anyone, because she seemed to be in such a deep fog yesterday, but she remember all the visits.

The biggest positive today is that her pain has been much more manageable.  Her spinal pain pump was turned up yesterday, and as a result, she has had very little additional IV pain medication.  This has helped her be more alert, and just feel better overall.  When visitors came today she talked more and was full of smiles and expression.  We are happy!

Julie loves this hike, Little Wild Horse Canyon, March 2015, six weeks before discovering the first bone tumor, in her left femoral neck.  So lucky it didn’t break


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