Prison Break

4th of July

Julie was doing so well today, I decided to get her out tonight for a 4th of July cookout.  First she had to have a PICC line placed.  So thankful for the people who came in to do that on their 4th of July.  Then things fell into place nicely with a late afternoon nap and timing with medication.  I got her dressed up, and snuck past the guards, down the elevator, out the back door to the getaway car, and drove to Taylor’s house where the gang was eating hamburgers.  Julie ate some watermelon and a good portion of trifle desert.

Sneaking past the guards (nurses extraordinaire) Jabez and Ken
Taylor’s back yard

She got tired and wanted to go to her own bed, so I took her home and she quickly fell asleep in her bed for an hour, then I woke her up and brought her back to the hospital before they started looking for her…

We then watched the fireworks from the 5th floor, until she started to nod off.


Today was a simple day, with simple food and simple entertainment.  Good friends came to visit, and we were with family.  Julie and I spoke a little to each other about simple and joyful things.  I was happy to have this day with her, one of the happiest days I remember.

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