Going Home

Julie is headed home from the hospital.   She has had two really good days and seems to be feeling as good as she did three weeks ago.

She has some more tests and radiation treatments ahead of her, and hopefully she’ll be able to do the PRRT treatment.

It’s her 30th high school reunion this weekend, I hope she feels like going.

Thanks  for your kindness, your love and concern for Julie,  and for your empathy towards me also.    We anticipate a strong recovery  in the short term, and hope for effective  treatments in the future…


6 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Brad, we have been reading your postings and were so happy to read about the status change. We think and pray for Julie continually. We laughed at the escape from the hospital. It sounds so much like you two. We cry with your sorrows and rejoice in your blessings. Please tell her of our love and concern and the rejoicing we have felt witnessing the Lord’s mercies. Miracles are happening in our lives here in Cebu too. We have witnessed the Lord’s hands in our circumstances as a family, and as temple missionaries. We will be forever grateful.

    I have officiated in several sessions in the temple. It is humbling to serve and stand before the people and feel their love for Heavenly Father. Last night Tammy and I were in the same session together. I don’t think that has happened since we have been here. She is enjoying her work too and I love seeing her kindness as she extends herself to the sisters here. They already have grown to love her immensely. It is amazing to see how the people here sacrifice to attend the temple and to be a witness of their testimony of the Savior.

    We know that Kendal is getting married soon. We are so excited for him. They look to be a very happy couple. We wish we could be there. We hear they are getting married in the IF temple, the house of the Lord. We have been strengthened as we’ve watched several young couples come to the temple in Cebu to be married. Most often they come without their families, and do so at personal sacrifice to be sealed. It is very expensive for all to travel; yet, they come to be married in small groups and participate as wards/branches in baptisms, and all ordinances including their own marriages and sealings as a group of branch/ward members or even alot as couples. It is humbling to see. Instant bonds and connections are formed.

    Express our love to Kendal and his fiance.

    Sure love reading your updates. We express our love you all.

    -dan and tammy


  2. Brad,

    This is Randy McNeely. I just wanted to thank you and for you to pass my thanks on to Julie for your efforts to come to the reunion last night. I know it was very difficult as Julie is feeling so poorly. I was a blessing to all of us who were there to have the chance to bask in her loving spirit. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you guys constantly!




  3. Hi Julie,

    I just wanted to take a moment to comment and say hello and tell you I am praying for you and your family. I pray that you have peace, comfort and joy.

    I want you to know that you touch lives, I think you always have. Not necessarily in entirely observable ways that people notice right away (although I’m sure you do that too!), you have ways that are subtle and sweet with a grace and charm that select few humans possess.

    When we were at A.H. Bush, I remember you as a somewhat shy, soft spoken, beautiful, sweet person with a quick smile and gentle spirit.

    At Eagle Rock you appeared to effortlessly maneuver the normally awkward teen years, keeping your composure while so many of us got thrashed by teenage hormones and strife. You were calm and steady and kind. Always kind.

    It was fun to see you blossom into an outgoing, jubilant, quick witted, vivacious, happy and thriving high school kid. We grew up in a time where being popular and beautiful (and a cheerleader!) has notoriously been recreated in movies for being snobbish, rude and entitled. You were none of those things.

    You never know what someone is going through, you never know that your kindness, even kindness from forty or so years earlier, matters. It really matters. Kindness makes a difference. And Julie, you are kindness personified. ❤️

    As a very young person I was often exposed to chaos and crisis. I can’t tell you how important it was to come to school and encounter people like you… kind, considerate and approachable.

    Even though we didn’t really hang out, we often stopped to talk. We shared many a smile, joke or a wave. I won’t be grandiose and say you saved my life, but I can remember days when you saved my spirit (and not the school kind, although your cheerleading skills certainly could have!).

    I know your beautiful family is so lucky to have you, you have given them gifts and grace that will see them through. Please never doubt your ability to leave a lasting, hopeful, encouraging and kind legacy.

    You have, you do, and you will.

    With fond memories and a prayer for healing,
    Becki Walker


      1. You’re welcome. Thanks for the opportunity, I don’t Facebook so I was grateful that Traci (Johnson) Kell sent me a link to your site. You all are so brave and courageous; thank you for sharing your journey. It is hard to be strong AND vulnerable, but you two make it look like an art form.


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