A Whole Piece of Pumpkin Pie

Sunday, 12 November 2017 Five days ago, Tuesday,  we decided to stop Julie’s TPN, IV nutrition.  She was getting more sick, having more abdominal pain, becoming more confused and more weak.  We didn’t think the TPN was helping her anymore, and could eventually make things worse for her.  We would just have to see how […]

Hospice, Cemetery and Family

30 October 2017 Just a quick update, Julie began hospice care on Friday, and she will be able to continue her IV nutrition as long as she wants.  She will probably continue it until she becomes too delirious to make decisions and to have meaningful interactions.  She understands that at that time, I will stop it […]

Finding Her Way

A week ago today, we were talking to Julie’s oncologist about her worsening condition.  She had mostly recovered from her pneumonia diagnosed a week earlier.  Breathing was good, oxygen levels good, but pain, fatigue, nausea and general fatigue unrelenting.  Her doctor kindly assessed her situation, and expressed doubts that she would ever improve significantly.  With […]

Living Longer

  Sunday 8 Oct 2017 It has been a tough week for Julie.  She has been having a harder time getting out of bed, and her appetite is completely gone, and she is very tired.  She has been needing oxygen all the time, and occasionally she says it is hard to breath.  Nine days ago her […]

Devotionals and Houston part 2

Shortly before Midnight, 27 Sept 2017 For over 20 years, since Jordan started Kindergarten, or even before, Julie instituted the routine of having a morning devotional with the Children.  It lasted about 10 minutes each day, and consisted of a short inspirational story for children, a few verses of scripture stories, a worshipful song, and […]

Go Grizzlies

14 July 2017 It has now been 9 days since Julie came home, and she is feeling better, some hard days, some good.  Radiation finished.  Waiting for octreotide scan next week.  That is the update.  Read on if you like… Last Saturday, 8 July, at 6 PM, I stood in the bathroom with six pills […]